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Lockdown fever.

Hope you all had the best possible Christmas during these worse times. I was hoping we could all start swapping ideas by now, but we are all locked in again until we all get an armful of vaccine and covid starts to decline, we must all do our bit to make this happen. But we all have time to dream of better things so get those thinking caps on and others who like me are not ready to fade away yet can start planning.

Does any one know of a walking football club in the Warwick area? If not shall we start one? Would any of you be interested in starting a veterans cricket team and perhaps having a little tour when the time is right?

Let me know of any ideas and we can start planning. Stay safe and we will catch up again soon.

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Jan 17

Regarding the walking football club in the Warwick area, I am not familiar with any specific club, but starting one seems like a fantastic idea! This is a great way to stay active and enjoy a fun sport, especially for those who are not ready for more intense play. By the way, if you want to capture the best moments on video, I advise you to process them correctly. can help you with this. It's free, simple and feature rich.

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